Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Desktop and a Mobile Site?
Yes! In today's fast paced economy it is so necessary to have a site for users on the go! 2018 mobile web browsing was predicted to overtake desktop Internet usage. In our world, 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop! Don't be left out! Your site design is always mobile ready! It is compatible with any tool or browser!
Can I put my restaurants menu on my website?
Of course! with our easy to use platform, you can have your full menu on your website! This way when someone is searching for places to eat in your area they are able to go to your site and browse your menu! Changes to the menu? No problem! Your website can be edited in no time, at anytime!
What is SEO, and How do I do it?
SEO is simple! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means that we use keywords from your website that people search for so your website will come up in the search results. It's that easy!
Can I Connect my Social Media sites to my website?
Yes! You can connect just about any of your social media sites to your website! You are able to stream your Facebook feed, Twitter, Google+, Google Places, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram...and the list goes on! You can even connect your blog!
Can I Add Content To my Website?
YOU are in control of your website! It is accesible to you 24/7! Easily Sites website platform is very user friendly and easy to edit!
Where do I Host My Website?
Easily Sites is your host! We handle all of the hosting, servicing, and maintenance of your website! 
How do I Buy a Domain Name?
We help guide you on the process of buying your own domain through your own account so that in future business if you decide to leave us (which would be devastating) you have full control of your domain.
Do I have a 'Dashboard' for content and SEO?
Yes, we provide a full dashboard where you can make your edits, and also check SEO. Included is a unique log-in using your email and password off your choice.
How do I add Additional Pages?
Additional Pages are not included and have their own separate fee. Each additional page includes a separate set-up for the design and additional monthly cost for the added pages.
Do I have support?
Yes! We pride ourselves on our support services. Submit a support ticket on our website and get a response or your issue resolved in as soon as two business days.
Are there contracts?
No. We are a month to month service provider. If your not happy you can quit anytime.
Return Policy?
We offer a 7 Day 100% Money-back Guarantee on the setup of your website after it is live. If you are not truly satisfied with the setup of your website and we are unable to meet your needs we will issue a full refund No questions asked! 

Still Have Questions?

We'd love to help you answer any questions you have about getting your business website setup and launched. One of our friendly staff members will get your questions answered quickly.
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